Vetri artistici. La Fratelli Toso e la produzione muranese di fine Ottocento. Museo del Vetro di Murano


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In this volume just under glass works are published, mostly by Fratelli Toso, a very important company founded in 1854 and active until 1981, which in addition to working on its own also worked on behalf of other Italian and foreign companies. Works by other furnaces that have already been discussed in previous volumes are also presented, such as Antonio Salviati, the Compagnia di Venezia and Murano and the Barovier Artists. The themes addressed are, as in some of the previous volumes, the recovery of the old, the new techniques, the new sensitivity of the Art Nouveau taste. The volume is completed with photos and archival documents.




Aldo Bova, Puccio Migliaccio