Walking in the Void |Phillip Baldwin & Monica Guggisberg


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Baldwin and Guggisberg’s latest thought-provoking exhibition is refreshingly captured in this book about the show.
This is more than a pictorial representation of the 12 installations (plus one performance event), as it folds into the story the thoughts of the environmental thinker and philosopher Dougald Hine, co-creator ten years ago of the Dark Mountain Project, an effort to weave artists and environmentalists into a collaborative effort to rethink and transform the existential challenges of our time.
Hine’s essay accompanying the images about the show provide a lyrical and incisive element which makes this art book something more – a reflection on the proverbial “rock and a hard place”; in which civilisation so dramatically finds itself today.

This is a story about asking questions and recognising the answers to date have been incomplete and inadequate, while also celebrating our magnificent corner of the universe in which we are privileged to find ourselves. Baldwin and Guggisberg’s trademark “Search for Clear Lines” remains steadfast while adding another dimension to their artistic expression.


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