Islamic Glass in The Corning Museum of Glass | Volume 2


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This is the second volume in the catalog of the Islamic glass collection in The Corning Museum of Glass. It is the largest and richest collection of early Islamic glass in the United States. This volume describes and illustrates 482 objects and fragments made in the Islamic world between the eighth and 14th centuries. The catalog is divided into eight sections, labeled D–K, and one appendix. Section D describes 16 objects that are made of mosaic glass. Sections E–I present 402 vessels and fragments that were formed by blowing: E contains 157 undecorated objects, F consists of 61 mold-blown objects, G has 56 objects with pincered decoration, H contains 121 objects with applied decoration, and I consists of seven gold glasses. Section J contains 54 bracelets, K consists of eight miscellaneous objects, and the appendix describes two molds. Each catalog entry consists of a detailed description, usually accompanied by a comment on the history and significance of the object and by a listing of similar pieces in other collections. Every object and fragment is illustrated with a color photograph and a line drawing that shows the profile. The book also provides concordances and an extensive bibliography.


Corning Museum of Glass


David Whitehouse