Artisti e designer del vetro 1960 – 2010 | La collezione Bellini Pezzoli


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The Bellini-Pezzoli collection in Milan is comprised of works from 1960s to contemporary artists – both Italian and foreign – who have chosen glass as an expressive medium. The catalogue, in addition to including artefacts of mass production, showcases unique works by glass artists such as Venetians Silvano Rubino, Michele Burato and Luciano Vistosi, and Japanese artist Yoichi Ohira, who transports the world of Murano glass through his Eastern training. Particular attention is paid to Murano native Lino Tagliapietra, now an artist who garners unanimous international praise. Additionally, there are the works from the American Studio Glass (featuring artists such as Dale Chihuly, Richard Marquis and Toots Zynsky) as well as those by Australians Clara Belfrage and Tim Edwards.

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Rosa Barovier Mentasti, Sandro Pezzoli, Cristina Tonini