Il Vetro a Lume | Lampworking | Volume I


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The work is composed of 3 volumes (33×25) for a total of 1068 pages and 1170 images and talks about artistic lampworking glass, one of the most important and ancient techniques.

Volume I is by Sandro Zecchin; Volume II and Volume III are by Cesare Toffolo.

All volumes are bilingual: Italian and English. The texts are from the ancient period up to the present day and take into consideration the presence of the artistic lampworking glass in nine countries and describe the evolution of equipment and tools.

The Volumes represent a unique work of its kind and are proposed as a tool for consultation for researches of the sector, for artists, for collectors of artistic glass and of course for all the fans who want to approach the in-depth knowledge of these artifacts.


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Cesare Toffolo, Sandro Zecchin


Italian / English