The Cappellin Glassworks

International conference

The Centro Studi del Vetro is organising an international conference on 27 February focussing on the story of the Maestri Vetrai Muranesi Cappellin & C. founded by Giacomo Cappellin

In connection with the next autumn exhibition of LE STANZE DEL VETRO, ‘The Cappellin Glassworks and the Young Carlo Scarpa’ curated by Marino Barovier, the Glass Study Center is coordinating an international conference which will explore the story of the Maestri Vetrai Muranesi Cappellin & C. glassworks founded by Giacomo Cappellin after the end of the collaboration with Paolo Venini and V.S.M. Cappellin Venini & C. The one-day conference will concentrate on the entire production of the Cappellin glassworks (active from 1925 to 1931), highlighting in particular Carlo Scarpa’s artistic contribution.

The topics discussed will focus on the figure of the great architect and designer in glass, his activities during the 1920s and his relationship with the arts. The Cappellin production and exhibitions in Paris and the United States will also be studied, as well as the relationships of the firm with Turin artists, with a thorough study of its exceptional production of stained-glass windows.


Programme of the conference