Ettore Sottsass: The Glass

International Conference

To coincide with the exhibition “Ettore Sottsass: The Glass”, the Glass Study Center is organizing on the 25th May, 2017 an important international conference about the architect’s creative methods especially as regards his glass production.

The aim of this international conference being held to accompany the exhibition Ettore Sottsass: The Glass is to present various descriptions of the architect’s creative methods especially as regards his glass production, in order to understand how this fitted in with his concept of architectural and industrial design.

The one-day conference is divided into three sessions, in which architects, museum curators and directors who worked with Sottsass will provide a historical interpretation, situating his production of glass, ceramics and jewellery in the wider international context of the period art, architecture and culture. A second session will be devoted to the more human and personal aspects of Ettore Sottsass through the voices of collectors, gallery owners, patrons and collaborators who worked with him and often became close friends. The meeting will end with an open, informal discussion in which master glassmakers – whose work was often referred to by Sottsass as a fundamental component of his art – will describe their relationships and cooperation with the great artist, thus also illustrating what working in the Murano glass furnaces meant for him.


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Portrait of Ettore Sottsass. Ph Bruno Gecchelin © Ettore Sottsass by SIAE 2017