The 2021 Scholarship Awarded

For a research project on contemporary table glassware in Murano

The researcher Sung Moon CHO has been awarded the seventh residential scholarship dedicated to the art and production of glass in 20th-century Venice, promoted by the Fondazione Giorgio Cini with the contribution of Pentagram Stiftung.

The winner of the 2021 call for applications is a PhD graduate in Art History from Sorbonne Université, Paris. She will undertake a research project entitled “Contemporary Table Glassware in Murano (from the 1920s to the 1980s)”.

Table glassware produced in Murano is not only one of the island’s main production sectors, but has always reflected significant aspects of taste and lifestyle.

The aim of Sung Moon CHO’s project is therefore to shed light on some key points in the history of the decorative arts through a specific focus on the Murano production of tableware from the 1920s to the 1980s. Her project will involve an in-depth interdisciplinary study of this creative field, based on an analysis of archive material in the Fondazione Cini Glass Study Centre (sales catalogues, albums of designs, drawings, photos, invoices, commissions, etc.). This will enable her to identify the stylistic trends characterising the historical period in question.

Sung Moon CHO also wishes to draw up as exhaustive an inventory as possible of Murano glass tableware from 1921 onwards by consulting the major contemporary Italian specialist magazines and exhibition catalogues. Lastly, works in various museums, private collections, or in situ in some Italian “house-museums” will provide further reference examples.

During the six months of study, the new scholarship holder will carry out a thorough bibliographic research in order to determine more precisely the chronological limits of her project and to map out as exhaustive a list as possible of the types of objects: from common household items (glasses, jugs, bottles), to special and ceremonial sets (complete dessert, liqueur, cocktail, tea or coffee services, etc.) and accessories (finger bowls, small stands, display trays), centrepieces and candelabras.