Salir. Contemporary glass-decorating on Murano 1923-1993


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In 1923, five young Italians founded the Studio Ars et Labor Industrie Riunite (S.A.L.I.R.) with the aim of modernizing the ancient art of glass-decorating: Giuseppe D’Alpaos, Decio Toso, Guglielmo Barbini, Dino Martens e Gino Francesconi.

In 1928 ,the emergence of Franz Pelzel, a Bohemian glass engraver, and Guido Balsamo Stella, an all-round artist, marked the start of the production for which S.A.L.I.R. is most remembered today: contemporary glass-engraving.

After Balsamo Stella ‘s departure in 1932, Franz Pelzel took the lead role of designer, occasionally also executing designs by other reputed artists.

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