Cased Glass

The overlaying technique is an ancient technique, still widely in use today, obtained by submerging the blown artefact in a crucible with glass of different colour.

Cased glass was the mainstay of Venini’s production with Tomaso Buzzi. He was very fond of this technique and explored it with great passion and commitment, and often turned to Venini’s glassblowers for advice. Buzzi devised a new texture consisting of five to seven ultra-thin coloured glass layers enclosing one or two layers of very thin lattimo glass. The new glass material was then decorated with gold leaf. The final result had a previously unseen play of color and a rich and fascinating appearance. Buzzi’s glass was often pink, green-yellow or grey-blue. These colors characterized the lagunaalga and alba series, while the tramonto items had pinkish-red hues.

Tomaso Buzzi, Alga glass and alba glass vases consisting of different coloured layers with applied gold leaf and inverted truncated cone-shaped neck. Bowl in laguna glass consisting of different coloured layers with applied gold leaf, 1932-33