Toni Zuccheri. Poet of Nature and Glass


Toni Zuccheri (1936-2008) was an artist, architect, designer, sculptor and poet of glass and nature.
About ten years after his death, Rosa Chiesa and Sandro Pezzoli organized an exhibition of his work at the Bagatti Valsecchi Museum in Milan.
The volume Toni Zuccheri. Poet of nature” and the vetro presents an exhaustive collection of the artist’s professional career, in his complex and fruitful encounters with companies and in the rich production of unique pieces on an animal theme.
An illustrated biography is interspersed with different multidisciplinary voices that tell the story of Toni from a personal point of view and from in-depth information on the companies with which the sculptor has collaborated during his career.
The complex sensibility of the designer appears in the production of prototypes and unique pieces, in the juxtaposition of sketches and unpublished sketches and childhood drawings, in the presentation of archival documents and correspondence that present a versatile artist who, with an empirical approach, has carved the “sensitive things”.
The book was built starting from archival materials, documents, images, correspondence, drawings, prototypes and works made available by the family who has allowed to reconstruct the chronology of his career.

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Sandro Pezzoli, Rosa Chiesa