Hand embroidered clutch bag



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Hand embroidered clutch bag
Dimensions: 22×14 cm
Available in the colors visible in the photo

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The shawls, scarves and clutches by AlNour are made with colorful hand-woven cashmere fabrics, wool and silk with delicate embroidery and precious textile creations in which the visual culture of the Maghreb blends harmoniously with that of the West.

AlNour means “the light” in Arabic. Since the creation of AlNour in 2013, this light is a symbol for hope – for a self-determined life in dignity and independence. The company provides us the support to ensure our quality of life by providing health insurance and the possibility of a pension when we reach the retirement age.

It offers training programs for languages, professional and artisan skills. Our company van facilitates our daily way to work. And the company’s child care center helps those of us who are mothers to focus on work while our kids are in the best hands. Additionally, we can enjoy free breakfast and lunch each day. AlNour also supports our medical needs by acquiring donations to finance new orthopedic aids.

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