Murano Glass (1910-1970) | Themes and Variations


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This book is part of the series of comprehensive handbooks on Murano glass. This time, Marc Heiremans discusses the masterly glass-working techniques of Murano. With the establishment of a glass museum at Murano in the late 19th century and the exhibition of historic glass objects, the Murano glass-blowers had the opportunity to thoroughly investigate almost forgotten techniques and revive them. The magnificent objects produced by superior glass-blowers in 20th century Murano are based on a few already existing methods like ‘Zanfirico’, ‘a Canne’, ‘a Murrine’ and ‘Tessere’, as well as modifications on the hot or cooled surface with chemicals. During the 1950s and ‘60s, these techniques – adapted to new forms – brought about an impressive renaissance. This publication shows contemporary photographs, original drawings and dazzling colour shots of these defining subjects of Murano’s glass-making techniques, which made the brilliant glass-blowers of the tiny island internationally famous.




Marc Heiremans


English / German