Miniature di vetro|La bomboniera d’artista


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Over the years, Sandro Pezzoli has collected over four hundred bomboniere: small and rare glass masterpieces from different periods. The inspiration for the collection was Lino Tagliapietra, who created bomboniere for marriage of his daughter, Marina with Sandro Vecchiato in 1983, which ended up in the hands of Pezzoli, already avid collector of glass. The party favour left him so fascinated that he began hunting down these works in markets and flea markets, or even asking friends, acquaintances and relatives in order to find old pieces, bowls, jars, or just any miniature object created by an artist, important glass studio, or even those of unknown origin. In the late eighties, Pezzoli came into contact with a number of Australian artists, including Kathy Elliot and Benjamin Edols. These meetings become a delightful opportunity to request these small gifts as a token of friendship. The scenario repeats itself with Americans Dominick Labino and Dale Chihuly, and Venetians Michele Burato and Massimo Nordio, just to name a few of the many artists who have honoured Pezzoli with their miniature creations over time.

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