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To celebrate his twenty years of activity, Massimo Lunardon realized 20 works in glass by 20 authors, with most of whom he collaborated in his career: 20 objects issued from a common work from designing to craftsmanship, featured in this book along with texts by Andrea Anastasio and Beppe Finessi.
Great masters and young authors, artists and designers dealt with the realization of an object in glass using the lamp-blowing technique: as a result, the objects produced reflect a personal interpretation that issued from their original research paths. The twenty involved authors are: Andrea Anastasio, Sam Baron, Andrea Branzi, Aldo Cibic, Vittorio Corsini, Mauro Cuppone, Jakob De Chirico, Michele De Lucchi, Martino Gamper, Massimo Giacon, Martí Guixé, Ale Guzzetti, Jaime Hayon, Massimo Lunardon, Marco Pellizzola, Antonio Riello, Takahide Sano, Giuliano Tomaino, Ben Vautier, JoeVelluto.

Lamp-blowing is a glass-working technique developed in the United States in the 1920s following the invention of borosilicate glass for use in chemistry laboratories. The initial semi-worked object is a borosilicate glass rod, which is reheated on a horizontal flame which comes out of a nozzle fuelled by a mixture of gas and oxygen. Attaching one end of the pipe to a short, thin blow pipe, the lamp craftsman expands the glass and shapes it with small tools before blowing it into the desired shape. The distinctive traits and features of lamp-blowing means it is ideal for creating objects of rare lightness with extremely precise details in bright and striking colours. Graduated in Industrial Design at the Domus Academy, Massimo Lunardon (Marostica, 1964) developed his artistic research around glass. He collaborated with some of the most important design companies (such as Artemide, Flos and Memphis) and realized objects for renowned designers from Italy and abroad. His works have been on display in various personal and collective exhibitions including the Biennale del Vetro in Venice, Art Biennale of Dakar, Contemporary decorative Arts Sotheby’s London, Kunst Museum Düsseldorf, Galerie Dongey Paris.

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