La commedia dell’arte di Fulvio Bianconi


Documentary on the character of Fulvio Bianconi.
Directed by Gianluigi Calderone, 2015.
73 minutes, English Subtitles

“Bianconi was a strange character, irritating from a certain point of view, but fantastic. Irritating because he was a volcano and if you did not listen immediately to what he wanted, he would become nervous. I remember some meetings where my father got to the point of saying ” Enough!” Because he always came with new ideas. Let’s say that in terms of production he was a complication, but he was great for art, for what could be done that was new”

(Anna Venini)

No longer the refined search for forms and nuances of colors, the extenuated preciousness of glassmaker-architects. The post-war period for Venini consists of the Commedia dell’Arte figurines and primary colors of Bianconi, the “false child”. Modern art erupted into Murano”.

(Jean Blanchaert)


Servizi Fondazione Pentagram


Italian / English