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Exhibition catalogue of Judi Harves’t show in Venice, 2013 DENATURED: Honeybees + Murano is an installation comprising 90 hand-made Murano glass vessels.

Each will be a unique form. Forty-five of the vessels will be filled with honey harvested in the Veneto (and Murano, once the hives are thriving).
The principal sculpture in the exhibition is Monumental Beehive (2008–2012), a human-scale, suspended, hive-like form that allows one visitor at a time to enter the enclosure and experience a sound and light element in the interior. The materials are wire, porcelain, beeswax, gold leaf, and resin. The artist is also presenting approximately 8 paintings and 12 Murano glass sculptures. These works have been inspired by the anatomy of the honeybee, the liquid state of honey (akin to that of molten glass), and the modular geometric structure characteristic of the hive.

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Judi Harvest


Judi Harvest