FRANZ X. HÖLLER Glass – 1980–2017


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In the glass art by Franz Xaver Höller (b. 1950) artisanal techniques rich in tradition, such as cutting and engraving, collide with modern forms. Vibrantly sculptural bodies engraved on the surface with fine lines, the drawing of which generates impressive depth via the incidental light, make up the vessels and objects that he has created over the last thirty-five years. Sharp edges protrude and challenge the conception of a harmonious form.

The publication illustrates all stages of Höller’s development, drawing the view to the artist’s multi-variant language of forms. Large-format details reveal the beauty and precision of the meticulous workmanship. Accomplished authors expound sources of inspiration as well as turning points in creativity, while preliminary sketches afford insights into the developmental process of his works.




Eva Schmitt, Peter Schmitt , Anna Wheill.


English / German