Attravetro | L’arte attraversa il vetro


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ATTRAvetro. Art through glass is a testament to the strong bond that lasted for twenty years, from 1976 to 1996, between the Milanese restaurant La Scaletta and artists from all over the world, who considered it a point of reference for intellectuals of the time and that here they left drawings and sketches as a trace of their passage, as well as as a tribute to the owners. ATTRAvetro is now able to bring together once again many of those great authors of art and design, in particular those who, in a specialized way or not, have dealt with glass works: from Arnaldo Pomodoro to Emilio Tadini, from Ettore Sottsass to Ottavio Missoni , from Andrea Cascella to Enrico Baj. ATTRAvetro has the merit of presenting mostly little-known creations by authoritative names, so as to contribute to the dissemination of works that are so extraordinary but still too little known.




Rosa Chiesa, Sandro Pezzoli