“Veninity” workshops

Educational program - Autumn 2016

‘Veninity’ workshops is the educational activity programme promoted by LE STANZE DEL VETRO on occasion of the show “Paolo Venini and his Furnace”.

Artsystem has curated different itineraries for children of all ages that combine fun and learning. All activities are free on booking.

The programme for primary schools (ages 5-7) is dedicated to the glass pieces of the mosaico multicolore series, notable for their characteristic pattern formed by coloured canes; children of ages 9 and 10 will explore the murrine glass pieces either creating or reproducing a decorative motif; secondary school students (juniors) will focus on the glass pieces of the incisi series with an introduction to the process of glass making and exercises on decorative details and on the effect of shading; finally the senior secondary school students will cover the exhibition on the traces of ‘Veninity’ brand in the pieces on show, as the result of the synergy between Paolo Venini’s choices and the work of skilled masters in the furnace.


The complete educational programme is online.


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