Three Fuso-Fuso!! meetings

The Murano glass masters remember Paolo Venini

The Fuso-Fuso!! meetings are back. Come and meet glass masters and experts during three special guided visits to the show Paolo Venini and his Furnace.

Three meetings are scheduled at 5.00pm on 28th October, 18th November and 2nd December. They will feature glass masters and experts in glass making, who will conduct a special tour of the exhibition and describe the ancient and modern techniques that Paolo Venini reinterpreted in a very innovative way.

On 28th October, the special guest will be glass master Bepi Toso Fei, who was born to a family of generations of glass masters from Murano. On 18th November, the Venini glass master Luca Zafiro will talk about the present of the company. The guest of the last meeting, scheduled on 2nd December, will be Andrea Tosi, a glass historian from the Abate Zanetti School of Glass.

The meetings are curated by Artsystem. Places are limited. For information and bookings: 800 662 477 or (Monday-Friday 10am – 5pm).