From the “Glass Tea House Mondrian” to the Oriental Museum of Art in Venice

Special guided tours

The centuries-old tea ceremony tradition, which inspired Hiroshi Sugimoto’s “Glass Tea House Mondrian, is the key topic of a joint educational program addressed at young visitors and adults, which has been developed in collaboration with the Oriental Museum of Art in Venice and other cultural institutions.

In conjunction with the temporary pavilion “Glass Tea House Mondrian” by Hiroshi Sugimoto, an extensive program of guided tours began in October 2014, in collaboration with the Polo Museale del Veneto, Pentagram Stiftung, the Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, Fondazione Giorgio Cini and Artsystem, to discover and explore the various aspects of traditional Japanese tea culture, and to promote the collection of the Oriental Museum of Art in Venice as well as the “Glass Tea House Mondrian”.

As of April 2015, Ca Foscari University’s Department of Asian and North African Studies began promoting joint activities addressed at Venice’s University and secondary school students.

Further information about events scheduled in the spring and autumn of 2015 will be regularly publicised through this website.

Kids age 5-8 (Trotting to the Tea House – 17 and 30 May 2015)

Junior visitors age 9-13 (Trotting to the Tea House – 1 July 2015)

Adults (from the “Glass Tea house Mondrian” to the Oriental Museum of Art: 3 May, 7 June and 5 July 2015)

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