Vetro e vetrai di Murano|Studi sulla storia del vetro|3 volumes

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Luigi Zecchin born in Murano in 1905 was a descendant of an ancient Muranese glassmaking family who became the official chronicler of the history of glassmaking in Murano. This produces all of Zecchin&s articles arranged thematically.
Volume I covers the history of Venetian glass, Neri&s "Arte Vetraria", marks, crystal, Roman glass.
Vol. II continues the scholarly history, with chronological survey, chapters on major families, spectacles and other types of glass, marks, documentation, indices.
Vol. III in this comprehensive series, covers glass manufacturers 1276-1481, marks, decorated glass, raw materials and products, with a section on the Darduin "recipe book", bibliography.
Text in Italian with summary in English

Editor: Arsenale
Language: Italian

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