Le Forme del Vetro: Glas des frühen 20. Jahrhunderts aus Murano

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The most important phase of Venetian glass production began around 1900: The glassworks of the island of Murano broke away from the traditional glass designs of the late 19th century and developed a modern design language from today's perspective. In the place of lavish decors and detailed applications now came a reduced design with clear contours and often monochrome glass masses. The glasses of a Vittorio Zecchin or Napoleone Martinuzzi - the most famous designers of the era - are now regarded as classics. The glasses shown in the exhibition reflect a tense relationship between tradition and re-creation, which at the beginning of the twentieth century has completely different emphases than historicism: stereometric shaping and accentuation of the glass walls and materiality combine the Muranese production with the modern contemporary styles of the new Styles in Austria and Germany or Art Deco, as he became a decade later in France.

Editor: LWL
Language: English, German.

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