La memoria del vetro|Murano e l’arte vetraria nelle storie dei suoi maestri

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Murano’s artistic and glassmaking heritage is one of the most important in the lagoon, and its conservation and development should be considered an important opportunity for economic and cultural progress for Venice as a whole. Murano has a unique problem: the collective consciousness of its identity and artistic production often ends up influencing the social culture, thus impoverishing and relegating development to the exceptional contribution of a few enlightened artisans.
This reality has overshadowed the fundamental truth that it is culture that determines artistic production, not vice-versa. It is time to renew and rediscover roots through the recovery of memory to allow for the true heritage of Murano to re-emerge.
The memory of glass, which Abate Zanetti’s glass school aims to preserve, intends to recover these forms of expression and individuality through the voices of Murano’s protaganists: the masters of glass.

Editor: Marsilio
Language: Italian

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