AVEM| Arte Vetreria Muranese. Artistic Production 1932–1972

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Arte Vetraria Muranese (AVEM) emerged from the liquidation of Successori Andrea Rioda in November 1931.

The new factory placed a very personal accent on contemporary artistic glass production on Murano: while designs prior to the Second World War were generally still the responsibility of master glassblowers themselves, after the war designers and freelance artists increasingly determined production. Giulio Radi began experimenting in 1940, obtaining the company’s signature chromatic effects by superimposing mouldblown layers of glass, often opaque and transparent in alternation, and inlaying them with gold and silver foil. Over 800 design drawings, numerous archive images and new photos of AVEM masterpieces make Marc Heiremans‘ documentation of the company history indispensable for all Murano glass lovers

Editor: Arnoldsche
Language: Italian/English

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