Uno sguardo sul ‘900. La collezione Chiara e Francesco Carraro

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The catalogue presents the glassworks of the Chiara and Francesco Carraro's collection donated to Ca’ Pesaro.
Venice was always central to the lives of Chiara and Francesco, and at the same time represented a powerful source of inspiration in the course of their more than thirty-year-long journey as collectors.
The collection includes works from Vittorio Zecchin, Carlo Scarpa, Paolo Venini, Barovier masters, Giorgio Morandi, Gino de Dominicis and Adolfo Wildt.

Texts by: G. Alessandri, G. Belli, C. Carraro, M. Gribaudi, A. Homem, L. Rachen, P. Rosenberg.

Editor: Magonza
Language: Italian

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