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This book captures, with exceptionally high-quality photographs, the surprising interaction of contemporary art and the exhibition spaces found in the rooms of the “piano nobile” of the Palazzo Grimani in Venice.

The residence of one of the most powerful and refined Venetian families, the palace boasts some of the most important sixteenth-century fresco cycles in the city, with paintings by Francesco Salviati, Federico Zuccari and Camillo Mantovano. It is adorned as well with elegant white and gold stucco decoration by Giovanni da Udine. During the 55th International Art Biennial, the palace hosted a show of the glass sculptures of Ritsue Mishima.

Ritsue Mishima, born in Kyoto and living in Venice since 1989, has chosen for her artistic expression the ages-old techniques of glass-working. As she herself avows, she could only have made her creations in Venice. With a transparent medium that doesn’t interrupt the flow of light, and choosing glass because it encompasses all other colors, Mishima expresses herself in a contemporary language through the craftsmanship of the master artisans of Murano, who forge her ideas.

Editor: Skira
Language: English

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