Mario Bellini. L’architettura del vetro, il vetro dell’architettura

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Exhibition catalogue from 2019 held at Murano Glass Museum.

A major international figure in the world of architecture and design, Mario Bellini is the focus of an important in-depth study by the Fondazione Musei Civici of Venice on the occasion of the September Venice Glass Week.

This great retrospective is the first exhibition focusing on the artist's research about glass and showcasing nearly all his glass projects.

Colour, shape and light are the three elements mutually interacting and creating a dialogue within Bellini's works, never contrasting each other, rather developing innovative contemporary solutions, with surprising outcomes. The halls are hosting vases like “Sogni infranti” (Broken Dreams) and “Chimera”, tables, artworks, and an unusual large-scale use of glass, expressly highlighting the architect's inexhaustible spirit of research.

Editor: Museum Musei
Language: Itlian, English

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