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The catalogue for the Laura de Santillana exhibition at the Museo Correr in Venice contains all of the works on display, photographed by Fabio Zonta, as well as three essays: by Attila Dorigato, director of the Museo Correr; Tina Oldknow, director of the Corning Museum; and Janet Koplos, art critic for "Art in America". The Venetian artist attended the School of Visual Artsin New York from 1975 to 1977 and grew up in the furnace founded by her grandfather, Paolo Venini, where she worked with her father, Ludovico, for nearly ten years, drawing objects and light until the furnace was sold in 1985. In the following years she designed and produced limited edition glass for various companies, until she decided to devote herself exclusively to research work. Her works can be found in major museums in Europe and America and in the most prestigious private collections.

Editor: Silvana Editoriale
Language: Italian

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