Glass Collection della Diageo a Santa Vittoria d’Alba

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This catalogue presents a collection of glass in many exceptional ways. The DIAGEO collection consists of one hundred forty-four cups, glasses and glass bowls dating back to the Roman Empire up until the nineteenth century. They represent the most refined glassware from East to West up to the Middle Ages, and exclusively European productions from the Renaissance to the Baroque and revival periods. This collection is an expansive survey over time and place; a result of careful research within the most important antique market and a rigorous selection process by experts in the field. It includes masterpieces of glass art at its highest level and illustrates a wide variety of techniques and styles, ranging from Roman mosaic glass decorations in enamel; from watermarks to graffiti; Dutch stippling to Bohemian, German, Norwegian and Russian engravings. The collection boasts a number of British lead glass, known for its simple elegance or featuring richly decorated stems or cups. It is also the story of the pleasures of the banquet: since the invention of glass-blowing,  glass has been the ideal container for social drinks. Wine, in particular, has benefited from the transparent properties of glass, which showcase its colour, thereby enhancing its organoleptic qualities. About thirty years after the publication of the first catalogue that accompanied the collection in exhibitions at prestigious museums, this rich and updated catalogue stems from an audit conducted in the light of developments in the history of glass.  It also includes recently acquired works, never before published, and a broad introduction of the history of glass from its origin.

Editor: L&Artistica Editrice
Language: Italian / English

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