25 Years of New Glass Review

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This book presents 200 photographs of contemporary glass that appeared in "New Glass Review" between 1980 and 2004.

"New Glass Review" is an annual publication of The Corning Museum of Glass. Each issue documents the works of 100 artists, which are selected by a jury from an average of about 900 artist submissions. Any artist, architect, or designer using glass may submit work made in the current year.  "New Glass Review" was founded in 1976 by Thomas S. Buechner, the Corning Museum’s first director, as a way of finding out what international studio glass artists (increasing exponentially in number) were making.

The photographs in this book are the same photographs that appeared in the original issues of New Glass Review, and the descriptions of the objects are the original descriptions provided by the artists. The names of the jurors who originally selected the works are listed in the entries, as are the issues of the Review in which the works were published.

Editor: The Corning Museum of Glass
Language: English

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