Gaetano Pesce. Murano. Cinque tecniche per il vetro.

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Gaetano Pesce in Murano. A distant and quite contradictory season.

Pesce has become famous for the use of resins, plastics, and useful and indestructible materials. While nothing is more fragile than glass, nothing is further away from the fragility of his current works, which are incorruptible and, above all, resistant. In this competition, Pesce works today with objects, vases, jewelry that have the appearance and brightness of the glass, but cannot break.

When he was working in Murano, Pesce tried to get a different resistance from the material, denying the nature of the glass to make the texture of the Stone, the Shell, the skin, with a dense, opaque and rough surface, because the object all seemed less than of glass. Gaetano is a Poet and an Alchemist. He rebelled against nature and wants it different, now like then. Murano is in his head. When he worked in those workshops he was elsewhere, and he asked the glass to overcome his limit. Today he wants his resin-animated and vibrant resins to have the appearance and transparency of the glass, in that Murano of the heart that is inside of him, a Venetian in New York,  romantic and gypsy. On the other hand nothing more than the glass resembles water, and by no means glass comes out of fire in Murano, surrounded by water that is more durable and resistant to fire, although it is mobile and changeable, the natural element for Pesce. In fact, the only matter in which consist the works of Pesce, occasionally glass or chemical compounds, is the soul, always elusive and immaterial. This is the very element of his inventions, Beautiful, absolutely, originally, "Fine with the soul".

Editor: Grenzi
Language: English / Italian

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