Ettore Sottsass au Cirva|Un architecte dans l’Atelier

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“A veritable hymn to life in the choice of colors and in the cosmic tranquility of the forms; each object he’s conceived rests like a small architectural structure in its own autonomous space.” Isabelle Reiher, CIRVA director.

Ettore Sottsass was always fascinated by glass, and worked with it at Cirva (the International Centre of Research on Glass and Visual Arts) from 1998 up until his death in 2007. This material offered him an entire panoply of possibilities for his creativity: transparence and opacity, a multiplicity of colors and thicknesses… Along the way, as he advanced in his creative projects, he associated it with other materials, like ceramic, marble, chrome, steel, lava rock and Corian®, in order to make more complex pieces and enlarge his field of reflection.

The work is presented in four series, the fruit of collaboration between Ettore Sottsass and the Cirva glassblowers:

- “Vases” : this series plays on the novel use of an everyday object, a vase, transforming both its utility and the user’s perception of it.

- “Lingam” and “Xiangzheng” : inspired by Hinduism, predominance is given to color, and the pieces alternate between tension and harmony.

- “Kachinas” : this last series is motivated by Hispano-American spirituality, the culmination of a spiritual dimension accorded to objects inspired by the beliefs of Latin American Indian societies that Ettore Sottsass had been researching since beginning his career.

This book was published with the support of the National Center of Plastic Arts - CNAP.

Editor: Bernard Chauveau
Language: English / French

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