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This book is the first-ever [major] collection of Hiroshi Sugimoto's "Theater" photographs.

To create each image, Sugimoto would take a long-exposure photograph of a cinema screen for the entire duration of a movie, resulting in a blank white screen. "Different movies give different brightnesses," he said. "If it's an optimistic story, I usually end up with a bright screen; if it's a sad story, it's a dark screen. Occult movie? Very dark." The project was partly the result of wanting to make a simple form visible: "The simplest forms have authority, like a blank white light. And how do you photograph that? You need a framework to make it visible. But this is not simply white light; it is the result of too much information."

Essay by Professor Hans Belting. Designed by Takaaki Matsumoto and Larissa Nowicki of Matsumoto Incorporated, New York. Also includes an exhibition history, bibliography and index. 224 pp., with 96 quadratone plates. 12 x 11 inches.

All images were scanned and separated using quadratone separation, by Robert J. Hennessey. All plate sections were beautifully printed using drytrap offset printing on Mohawk Superfine Smooth Eggshell 100lb paper, by Meridian Printing, Rhode Island. The cover was silk-screened with Day-Glo ink and then matte film laminated. The book was Smythsewn bound and is enclosed in a specially designed cardboard slipcase covered in silver paper.

The book is extremely rare as it was pubblished in only 4000 copies.

Editor: Sonnabend Sundell Editions and Eyestorm
Language: English

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