Vetri artistici Antonio Salviati e la Compagnia Venezia Murano Museo del vetro di Murano

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The history of the “Compagnia Venezia e Murano” begins on November 15, 1872 as the probable result of a disagreement regarding  the financial management of the company.   Diplomat Sir Austen Henry Layard and the historian William Drakei, who apparently invested large amounts of the capital, forced Antonio Salviati to rename the company from “Societa Anonima per azioni Salviati & C”  to "The Venice and Murano Glass and Mosaic Company Limited (Salviati & C.)”.

In this publication, Marsilio reconstructs the fascinating history of Murano glass during those years through critical essays by Aldo Bova and Puccio Migliaccio. They reveal the story of how rivalry, craft, production and invention let Antonio Salviati’s glass help to define the identity of Murano glass today.  Accompanied by 213 works photographed in colour and a detailed index.

Editor: Marsilio
Language: Italian

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