Vetri artistici Antonio Salviati 1866-1878 Museo del vetro di Murano

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For aficionados, scholars and collectors of glass new and old, a publication featuring tableware produced by the furnace of Antonio Salviati between 1866 and 1877.  The book contains colour photos of all the pieces catalogued, with detailed inventories of the manuscripts preserved in the museum and information recorded in expositions attended by teachers and entrepreneurs in Murano.
Attilia Dorigato was director of the Museum of Murano from 1978 to 2005.  She published numerous studies, articles and catalogues, and curated several major exhibitions related to Murano glass in Italy and abroad.  Aldo Bova and Puccio Migliaccio have worked in collaboration with Rossella Junck to produce some of the most significant exhibitions related to 1800s Murano glass.  Their texts, published in numerous catalogues, are consideration mandatory references pertaining to the history of Murano glass from this period.

Editor: Marsilio
Language: Italian

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