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Greta Daniel: USEFUL OBJECTS TODAY. New York/London: Museum of Modern Art, Thames and Hudson 1954.

First edition [Teaching Portfolio Number Four]. Small folio.

Produced under the aegis of MoMA&s  Industrial Design Department under the directorship of Edgar Kaufmann Jr. the initiator of the Good Design program (1950–1955) and a strong proponent of uniform industrial design education standards.

Includes work by Pyrex Glass, Dr. Peter Schlumbohn [Chemex], Wilhelm Wagenfeld [Jenaer Glaswek], Eke Products, Rex Stevens, Lurelle V. A. Guild, M. Schimmel [Raymar], John Lickert, Ted Ruhling, A. Giraud & Brousseau, Edith Heath [Heath Ceramics], Hermann Gretsch [Porzellanfabrik], Folke Arstrom, Jon Hedu, L. Caccia Dominioni And P. C. Castiglioni [Azucena], Allan Adler, Trudi & Harold Sitterle [Sitterle Ceramics], Earl S. Tupper [Tupper Corp.], Oswald Haerdtl [Lobmeyer], Elis Bergh [Kosta, Josef Hoffmann [Lobmeyr], Vera Liskova [Lobmeyr], Tapio Wirkkala, Venini, Viking Glass, Carl-Harry Stalhane [Rorstrand], Frank Holmes [Lenox], Gertrud & Otto Natzler, Alexander Giampietro, Magnus Stephensen [Georg Jensen], Frances Felten [Rena Rosenthal] Karl Hagenauer, Richard Blow [Montici], Cartier, James Prestini, William Heer [Concord Watch], Baum-Mercier [Abercrombie & Fitch], Isamu Noguchi [Knoll], Gilbert Watrous [Heifetz], Henry Dreyfuss [RCA], Emilio Cerri [Vittorio Necchi], Marcello Nizzoli [Olivetti] and others.

8.5 x 11 Portfolio with 16 pages of introductory text and loose plates of 40 useful objects, based on: eye-appeal, function, construction and price, with emphasis on the first. Objects selected from the ever-growing collection of the Museum of Modern Art, circa 1954.

Printed thick portfolio. housing 16 pages of introductory text and loose plates of 40 useful objects. Design and typography by Noel Martin. Portfolio cover scraped and spine chipped and splitting. Internally very nice, thus a very good copy.

This portfolio paralleled the Good Design exhibits of the 1950s, organized by the Museum of Modern Art for the Merchandise Mart, Chicago.

Editor: MoMA
Language: English

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