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Tower, 2013

Not Vital&s edition for the Artist Edition project is made of solid transparent glass. The abstract form is minimalist and geometric. Its symmetry and linear quality are seductive yet convey a distinct coolness. The form recalls a totem or tower; indeed, this investigation into the boundary between architecture and sculpture is a recurring theme in the artist&s work. The object&s tactile nature is one that makes the viewer want to handle it, and in doing so one can truly understand the weight and particular density of airless glass. At a very young age, Not Vital once went through a period of refusing to eat. Understandably, this worried his family very much, especially as he had the name of Not Vital! Then one day, his father had the idea to make small towers made of cheese to encourage him to eat, and this worked very successfully on the young boy. The image of the tower therefore has a deep resonance in the artist&s visual memory. For this artist&s edition, Not once again returns to his youth, this time making a tower out of glass - the edges of which are so sharp that one could cut oneself on it, or even use it as a weapon.

The work is signed by the artist saying his name into the blowing pipe, thus the invisible and ephemeral are permanently sealed  into the work. The gesture is simultaneously physical and conceptual, whilst the way the artist chooses to identify himself, and the notion of myth-making, come to the fore.

Solid Murano glass.
Dimensions: 40 x 5 cm.

Edition of 28 SOLD OUT


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