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TLamp, 2013

Alessandro Diaz de Santillana designed TLamp, a cordless table lamp, pursuing the same idea and purpose of the hanging lamps that illuminate the entrance areas at LE STANZE DEL VETRO. De Santillana, following a principle that is at the basis of his design of usable objects, adds non-invasive items to the space that blend in with the surrounding architecture where they serve their practical functions.

TLamp is a cordless reading lamp, with rechargeable batteries, designed to offer the reader the freedom to move it  around the table. The glass is blown and milled by Simone Cenedese in Murano. The lighting and aluminum parts are made by Tecnikalumen in Marghera.

Reading lamp with rechargeable battery. Glass blown and engraved in Murano, aluminum, led light, rechargeable batteries.

Dimensions: Cm 33 H x W 33 x ∅ 15.5

Unlimited edition


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