Sasanian and Post Sasanian Glass

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This catalog contains 72 objects in the collection of The Corning Museum of Glass that are believed to be Sasanian or "post-Sasanian" (i.e., made in Sasanian style in the centuries immediately following the fall of the Sasanid dynasty). The uncertainty about their origin derives from the fact that relatively few Sasanian glass vessels have been excavated from controlled archaeological contexts. No Sasanian glass collection of comparable size and variety has yet been published, and thus the objects at Corning provide a starting point for anyone who wishes to study file glass made in the Sasanian Empire. Each catalog entry consists of a detailed description, usually accompanied by a comment on the significance of the object and notes on similar pieces in other collections. Every object is illustrated by a color photograph and a line drawing that shows the profile. Two appendixes provide information on fragments collected from three archeological sites in central Iraq and chemical analyses of Sasanian glass, including objects in the collection at Corning. The volume also includes concordances, an index, and an extensive bibliography.

Editor: Corning Museum of Glass
Language: English

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