Carlo Scarpa e l’acqua

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Scarpa does not regard water as an element separate from the realm of architecture, but as a connection between a building and its external parts: a "detail" - in the words of the architect - among the many that make up the greatness and uniqueness of this extraordinary teacher.

Renata Giovanardi’s book illustrates, with striking images, the unfolding of this architectural and artistic philosophy.  Thus, it visits the Gipsoteca of Possagno, where water reflects onto the ceiling a light that gives movement to the sculptures; Villa Ottolenghi, where the water "doubles" the facade, as it does to Venetian palaces; the Olivetti Store, in Piazza San Marco, where water forms the base of a sculpture; Castelvecchio in Verona, where the water enters the precincts of the castle; the Fondazione Querini Stampalia, where “acqua alta” invades the architectural space and a beautiful raised garden gives a place for birds to drink and fish to swim;  the Brion Tomb, where the dialogue between architecture and water is multiplied to infinity, reaching different languages,  into the soul and beyond.  The volume contains an essay by the philosopher Massimo Donà.

Editor: Cicero
Language: Italian

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