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The unique and original restoration project in Verona’s museum of Castelvecchio, led by the famous Venetian architect Carlo Scarpa (1906-1978) between 1958 and 1964, has always attracted extraordinary attention.  This restoration demonstrates Scarpa’s outstanding skills, both in the his ingenius plan of converting Castelvecchio into a museum, to every fine detail executed in the work itself. The author presents the flow of original ideas emerging from the first of Scarpa’s fascinating sketches to subsequent drawings produced during the different stages of the work.  Numerous designs - some of them in color - are supplemented by Murphy’s own superb measured lne drawings, which faithfully show the full realization of Scarpa’s building as it today.  Details of the construction, which give equal importance to Scarpa as to the overall project, are exemplified in this volume thanks to the richness and quantity of the line drawings. For Scarpa, no design was ever finished; each one of them shows his tireless research. Noted in the margins are improvements, general solutions and associated details presented in a sequence related to the description of the building, along an ideal path through the whole museum.

Editor: Arsenale
Language: italian

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