Beyond Venice|Glass in Venetian Style 1500-1750

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This book was created to accompany a major exhibition in 2005 of Venetian-style glass at The Corning Museum of Glass.  It begins with a brief history of the development of glassmaking in Venice itself, and then presents a survey of glass made à la façon de Venise in five regions: Austria, Spain, France, the Low Countries, and England. In each chapter, following a general discussion of the glass, there is an “Objects” section that offers an in-depth look at outstanding examples of the glassmaker’s art. Each of the object entries consists of one or more color illustrations, a detailed description, a comment on the work’s significance and parallel pieces, and a bibliography. There is also an essay on the social uses of Venetian-style glassware in the Netherlands during the 17th century. The volume concludes with a comprehensive bibliography and a general index.

Editor: Corning Museum of Glass
Language: English

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