Australian Studio Glass|The Movement, its Makers and their Art

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This book gathers up the threads that make up the story of the studio glass movement in Australia, identifying its founding and successive glass artists, and presenting the manner in which practitioners in Australia explore, refine and combine techniques and processes to communicate emotional, metaphorical, allegorical or aesthetic moods or various social or other issues, through an immense range of figurative, painterly, sculptural, decorative or functional glass form. Australian Studio Glass is the first book which documents the contemporary studio glass movement in this country. Drawing on interviews with over 100 glass artists, in addition to extensive documental research, Dr. Noris Ioannou presents an authoritative and lively text, of Australian Studio Glass within an international setting. Australian Studio Glass is complemented with 77 colour illustrations of up-to-date works, as well as a biographical listing of glass artists.

Editor: Noris Iannou
Language: English

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