Altino glass of the venetian lagoon

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The glass of ancient rome was distinguished by the sophistication of its pieces, displaying a wealt of technical  skills and an essential design.The book is a condensation of the results of an interdisciplinary research study conducted by archeologists, historians, tecnicians and artists working in the field of glass, and is also an introduction for those who are approaching the culture of glass for the first time, especially in relation to later Venetian production.

This essay is supported by the observations of the archeologists who illustrate, on the one hand, the variety of the forms and the functions of the jars, cups, botles, oitchers, bowls, plates,unguent containers and jewelery, and on the other, sketch out the historic evolution of Altino, the city that generated Venice, from its origins in the tenth century B.C., until it was abandoned in the seventh A.D. ,when all the inhabitants of Altino moved to Torcello forever.

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