Pezzi sparsi | Sulle tracce di Toni Zuccheri


You had to be very patient to watch my father work, because first he’d look for materials, and then go to the foundry to have the animal’s core made, then he’d look for glues: solvents, thinners and adhesives, he was obsessed with glues. When he had everything, the blown glass feathers, the core, the skeleton, he’d bring it all here and disappear inside. He’d attach a feather and then go off: He’d walk, go to the park and look at trees, pick up a leaf and come back. He’d attach another feather and the leaf; then he’d go to the kitchen and have a coffee or eat something sweet, then he’d find a pebble on the way back so he’d bring it with him. He’d glue it on, and then take off the feather he’d attached previously. When the work was finished, and it took months, if the buyer wasn’t in a hurry, he’d arrange it so that the work got a dose of every possible atmospheric input: water, rain, fog, snow, sunshine, night, day…

(Orsola Zuccheri)


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