Le Arti a Vienna | Dalla Secessione alla caduta dell’Impero asburgico


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Catalog of the exhibition held at Palazzo Grassi in 1984.
The book celebrates Vienna in the early twentieth century, years when the Habsburg capital was the protagonist of European culture and art and a melting pot of all sorts of research experiences. Between 1897 and 1918, in fact, there were active in Vienna characters of the value of Klimt, Wagner, Schiele, Loos, Mahler, Strauss, Trakl, Freud, Schnitzler, Hoffmann, Kokoschka, Musil and Schönberg, to name but a few: painting, music, literature, architecture and science simultaneously reached excellent levels. Alongside the masterpieces of Klimt, Schiele, Kokoschka and many other painters appear the architectures of Loos, Schwarz, Gessner, Olbrich and Hoffmann, the furniture designed by leading architects and made by extraordinary craftsmen, photographs and documents relating to Freud’s life, Schönberg, Schnitzler and Mahler, the plans, photographs and urban projects that allow you to reconstruct the appearance of the city and the reproductions of the sets created for operas and theatrical performances. There are also posters and advertising posters, book covers, vases and worked crystals, jewels, the most refined objects of use and haute couture clothes: everything helps to show the reader the richness of a universe. artistic and cultural that passes from the weary refinements of art nouveau to the torments of expressionism and existential research