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Seeing Northwest Indian baskets collapsing under their own weight inspired Dale Chihuly to create his groundbreaking Basket series. He translated the sagging woven fiber works into translucent glass, eternally arresting their surrender to gravity -stopping time- and staking out his own aesthetic territory with those asymmetrical forms. In “Chihuly: Baskets”, art historian Linda Norden, who first wrote about the artist in 1982, searches for a critical context for this work in an “unabashedly personal effort to reconsider just what Chihuly’s rather maverick art entails and to evaluate his paradoxical position vis-a-vis the contemporary art world in which he works.” Northwest historian Murray Morgan writes about the Native American baskets that fired Chihuly’s imagination when he saw them in the storerooms of the Washington State Historical Mu- seum in 1977. Scattered throughout the book are brief statements by the artist revealing his working process. The series development is illustrated with full-page photographs of early installations and of the individual glass works and drawings. Sepia-toned photographs of Indian baskets in Chihuly’s personal collection and full-color working shots add to this comprehensive study of Chihuly’s Baskets.

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