Carlo Moretti | Vetro e Design


Telling the story of Carlo Moretti means transcribing through archival materials a corporate story, a choral story of men and entrepreneurs, designers and workers, and it is also an opportunity to talk about some aspects related to innovation, design and to business strategy.

Retracing the events and happy occasions that have marked the entrepreneurial life of Carlo Moretti, we talk about originality and innovation in a district economy like that of Murano, about communication strategies and investment in culture as a strategic lever capable of increasing credibility and corporate visibility.

By privileging the aspect of design culture, between preparatory drawings and photographs of the finished object, from the iconic Cartoccio vase to the series of octagonal glasses and goblets, the “design intuition” that led the Moretti brothers to move away from family-run model to open up to external collaborations, without ever giving up one’s specific identity, built patiently following a clear project, still legible today in the recognizable style of the company’s production.




Rosa Chiesa